Thursday, May 6, 2010

Onesies for guys!

"Stupid is forever; ignorance can be fixed."..(Don Wood)
I may be opening a can of worms, but what if they made "Onesies" for guys?  The idea came to me after baby gift shopping for onesies and noting the return of the body suit for women.  If guys wore onesies, we would instantly rid the world of butt crack exposure, when midriff challenged guys bend over to fix stuff.  We would never again have to stand in a checkout line behind the kid whose way oversized pants lose the battle with gravity while we stare at his zebra stripe boxers bunched up around his supposed middle.  The world would give you a standing ovation, innovator in mens' wear.  Get 'er done!


  1. YES! Great idea. From watching those old western movies, they appear to be wearing onesies. But I reckon they rarely get removed to give them a good wash!

  2. Oh, I hadn't thought about those...we call them long johns! And you have a good point: they didn't get a good wash often. Maybe we should count our blessings and pray the style will finally play out. But it's been a
    v-e-r-y long run on the 'slouch' look.


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