Thursday, March 11, 2010


I wish I was good.
I wish I always did what's right.
I wish I was brave.
And not afraid of darkest night.
I wish I could answer
Whatever problems come to me
And always be master
Controller of my destiny

I want to be strong
Instead of quaking where I stand,
When something goes wrong,
I want to be in full command.
But I never can!
I try and try and always fail,
And now I know why-
Why on my own I can't prevail

It's God that I need.
It's God who puts strength in me,
Who shows me what's right,
And leads me to my destiny
Oh, why do we wait
And waste so much precious time?
Oh why do we walk
When God has made us for flying?

Our God shows us how.
He's given us everything.
He's hearing our prayers,
He's loving us now while we sing.

Rejoice with me now!
Rejoice and receive His love.
Before Him we bow,
To God, in the heaven above.
Rejoice with me now,
As to Him we offer all
Rejoice with me now,
As to our knees we humbly fall.
He is God.

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