Sunday, March 14, 2010

Die, adverb!

Listening to a group (a gaggle?) of writers discuss their writing is a lot like sitting in a room full of fingers and mirrors.  So when the issue was the overuse of the maligned adverb, I sank below the radar so to disappear and try to absorb all the excellent advice without once having to raise my hand or stand and say, "Yes, I am an adverb-o-holic."

One writer admitted she went through her entire work identifying "ly" endings and tried eliminating most, including one character's name ending in "ly".

My last manuscript editor was obsessive about commas.  She put them everywhere.  I obediently added them to my finished work.  The print press editor obligingly (egad, another 'ly') removed most of them.

Now wait a minute.  Sometimes you just need a good, old fashioned cliche to finish your thought.  It's like adding ginger to gingerbread or garlic to spaghetti.  It fits.  I'm sticking to my adverbs until they make something better.  I don't give a flying flip whether it's poetically correct or not!

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