Sunday, February 21, 2010


George Bernard Shaw is credited with saying that the earth is the lunatic asylum of the universe and he might be onto something.  But he also said "The man who writes about himself and his own time is the only man who writes about ALL people and ALL time."

Maybe I'm one of the inmates Shaw was talking about, but as a writer who feels compelled to compose yet who has no lofty place of learning from which to draw, I agree.  When we consider that the greatest influences of prior centuries largely came from people who never circled the globe or studied with learned scholars, but instead became intimately involved with the things about them that they DID know, well, you get where I'm coming from.  

One of the earliest writings known is the biblical story of Job.  Where did that great reservoir of wisdom come from?  First clue: it was God who brought attention to bear on him.  "Have you considered my servant, Job?"

Have you met anyone recently who was this wise?  Or as wise as Moses?
Or Socrates?  Or Plato?

Today, in my strange little world, I find that most of the great writings and wisdom of our age are on the comics page.  Don't laugh.  Show me your wise sage on the editorial page de jeur and I'll show you the latest from  Non Sequitur.  And don't discount Pickles. We'll see who has the last laugh

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