Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Memo to America's food companies: We're tired of being screwed by shrinky dink packaging

Is anyone else tired of being screwed by the food industry’s “packaging size” scam?

I’m talking about the absurdity of downsizing the amount of everything from coffee and sugar to crackers and ice cream.  I used to make an ice cream cake recipe that called for a half gallon carton of ice cream.  Now I have to scrunch an oval downsized to 3 pints plus 1 pint to make it.  Bacon is now 11 ounces.  What’s next?  A small 11 pack dozen eggs?  

And don’t even mention toilet paper.  Have the ‘smaller’ rolls disappeared yet?  Because who in their right minds (okay, women who actually change the rolls) would intentionally buy them?  Who says, “Oh, it’s not a problem to replace the roll about, what?  Every day?”  

Today I discovered that a 16 ounce box of grahams has shrunk to 14 ounces.  I’m mad.  It’s stupid and it’s counterproductive to housework, storage, cooking, shopping, and using.  

Are you finding yourself having more trouble getting into this over-packaging market of goods and taking more time opening stuff than actually eating it?  Is this a ploy to shrink us, the consumers?  Well it’s not working.  It takes more space to store, more time to open, more money to buy, and we’ve had enough.

Consumers, we need to revolt.  We need to pick one perpetrator at a time and boycott their goods.  While fast foods were oversizing everything, we were getting the shaft at the grocery stores shopping the outside aisles for healthy stuff way overpriced and over packaged.  When you start buying shrink wrapped potatoes individually, you need a shrink.

Problem is, how do we revolt?  How can I give up my coffee beans now packaged in 7 and 11 and 14 ounce pricey bags?  How can I give up my ¾ carton of Kroger ice cream?  I can’t afford the 8 ounce Hagen Das, since the price of all this extra packaging is burning my budget and filling my trash can, which, by the way, is starting to be complicated over my pay grade figuring out which size bags and trash can I need.

Would it help to just deluge food companies with our dislike and mistrust and downright anger?  Let’s try!  Let’s email and Facebook and tweet and twitter to all these companies one word: Supersize!  No more shrinky dinking our groceries!  We’re fed up!   

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