Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What if we go backwards and find our future?

It's sad as we watch not only the tragedy in Tucson but the tragedy of bad opinions play out on television.  No sooner does the victim lie at the feet of the assassin than the blame game begins.  We can no longer let the guilty be guilty; there has to be somebody else to blame.  Surely.

This is like watching the Virginia Tech tragedy again.  Two very disturbed young men, wasting themselves on mindless violence against people they didn't even know for a reason we will never understand, but why?

Could it be because in this world inundated with mindless violence in video, movie, music, television, and in a vacuum with no moral instruction whatsoever at school and too often none at home either,  our children are growing up with no moral clarity?  Why wouldn't they be drawn to the bizarre kind of mind games on the internet that seemed to influence the young man in Tucson?

What if we had not removed prayer, then bibles, then the ten commandments from the classroom?  These tools served our nation so wonderfully for nearly 200 years.  Since we had virtually no such violent occurrences in 200 years, could we concur they gave moral clarity?  If we could simply replace these time worn and successful tools, what a difference it could make.  We would not have to instill any particular religion or dictate religion.  Teach all religions!  Give our children the TRUTH.  Let them learn what has driven history and then decide for themselves what belief will drive them.  What could be more fair?  What could be more sensible?   How many more Virginia Techs and Columbines and Tucsons must we witness before we wake up?

If we got out that old playbook and hung up the ten commandments and read a little scripture and had the kids learn about the great religions of the world and what each has contributed, well, maybe we could find our future?  Maybe we could have a future.

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