Saturday, February 6, 2010

What if...the government had built Disney World?

I can't really get my mind around what Disney World cost.  It's been there long enough to expect not anything like it would now, these thirty-nine years later.  But listening to the latest deficit figures being thrown around by the pundits, I wonder.  What if the feds told us they were going to build Washington Land?  They have, say, 27,000 acres (what Disney had) and a gazillion dollars (that's a one with fifteen zeros: I'm inventing).  It's going to create a million new jobs, most of them civil servants.  It will have everything: beautiful parks, rides, trains, entertaining shows, parades, restaurants, shops, hotels, lush gardens and music wafting everywhere while sprites of water crisscross the walks and cool you in summer.
Walt Disney dreamed his magnificent dream walking through amusement parks and created Disney Land in 1955.  By 1971, five years after his death, the second phase of his dream came true when Disney World opened in Orlando.  Soon, in 1982 there was Epcot, then MGM Studio Land in 1989, and in 1995, Blizzard Beach.  The dream brought many jobs and much joy to Americans.  Can we dream again and make our own achievements so grand?  Would it ever happen if it was a government plan?
Oh, by the way: the proposed location for my utopian  "Washington Land" is Tampa.  Why?  Because we're building a super train to nowhere, and this way there's a destination.   I wonder if Walt Disney planned the park first, or the monorail?
Now.  How soon can we expect to enjoy this wonderful park that will create jobs, save the economy, the budget, while providing a beautiful place to vacation all summer?
I'll have to get back to you on that.  First, we'll have to get it through committee....

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