Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Records are breaking all over the place!  It's so cold my cat, Henry, won't go outside!  We have snow left over from 2009 (Okay, it's only day 4 of 2010)
So what 's going on?  Is God trying to tell Al Gore to get over global warming?  Is this the beginning of the new Ice Age?  Is it a strange convoluted result of global warming?
I think not any of these.  It's life.  Happening.  As usual.  There's only one way to deal with this kind of icy cold.  Make sure you don't run out of gas for the fireplace, coffee, and good books to read.  Layer up, snuggle up, and enjoy!
In no time, the crabgrass will be growing, the windows will need washing, the grass will need cutting, you'll be sweating as you dig those weeds out of your garden and wondering where winter got to.
People, we're a disgruntled bunch who are never satisfied.  Relax.  In ten months you'll be digging out Christmas decorations.  Will we never learn? 

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